Are you scheduling time into your week for your mental wellbeing?

The intention of this online mindfulness meditation and relaxation class is to give you the opportunity to step away from the stresses and demands of your daily life, and prioritise time into your diary that is for you. Quality time to connect in with yourself and take care of your mental wellbeing.

online group meditation and relaxation
prioritising your mental wellbeing

Why you should attend.

Life is busy, we get it. So when you’re constantly juggling the demands of your work and home life it’s very common to neglect time for your own needs. Overdoing things long-term, feeling permanently stressed out will impact on your mental wellbeing. Burnout, stress, overwhelm, and anxiety are very real problems of our modern, hectic lifestyles.

Some of the most common symptoms we come across that people experience is the inability to remain focused and be present. Whether it’s at work or in your relationships with others, very often your busy mind is racing and your thoughts are elsewhere.

It’s also very likely that your busy mind impacts on the quality of your sleep. Many people struggle either getting to sleep or staying to sleep because they’re stuck in their thoughts.

In this weekly class I will be sharing with you simple, easy accessible mindfulness based practices that you can bring into your daily life to support your mental wellbeing.

Why Meditation?

There are numerous research studies that have shown the positive effects a regular meditation practice can have on your health and mental wellbeing. Meditation and mindfulness practices are proven to be an excellent tool for managing stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Practise meditation regularly and you will develop self-awareness, you’ll get to know yourself a whole lot more!

Over time you build a level of resilience that enables you to be more focused and present, and in control of your emotions.

That you’re able deal with difficult situations in a calm and peaceful manner. You will start to notice that you don’t react so quickly when your buttons get pushed!  That you are able to cope better with all that life throws your way.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Increase the calmness of your mind 

  • Improves your ability to cope in stressful situations.

  • Improves the quality of your sleep

  • Your concentration levels improve as does your memory function.

  • You will develop awareness, and the ability to witness (observe) your thoughts without attachment.

What to expect in class.

As with all the classes we teach, there is an emphasis on cultivating awareness or mindfulness. When you are aware, you are present to the information your body and mind is giving you. From the sensations in your body, to your thoughts and emotions.

 Each class will include:

  • Gentle yoga movements to release physical tensions in your body in preparation for meditation.
  • Pranayama (yogic breathwork) to balance the autonomic nervous system, and calm and quieten your busy mind. You will learn breathing practices that also aid for a good night’s sleep.
  • This will be followed by a guided mindfulness meditation practice that brings you into the present moment whilst developing your awareness and the concept of witnessing.
  • You will also experience Yoga Nidra a systematic deep relaxation practice ideal for managing the symptoms of stress and insomnia.
online mindfulness meditation class for mental wellbeing

Who is this mindfulness meditation and relaxation class for?

This class is open to all. Think of it as your opportunity to step away from the demands of your busy week, and prioritise time for you, to connect back in with yourself.

Whether you’re completely new to meditation or maybe you’re keen to build a regular meditation practice, this online class is a convenient way to practice meditation from the comfort of your home. I promise you, you will leave feeling calmer, relaxed and enjoy a good night’s sleep!


Online mindfulness meditation and relaxation class with Mahima.


7.00PM – 7.45PM (BST) 

*don’t worry if you can’t make it live, I will send you the recording!**



What other’s are saying

Mahima has an amazing ability to bring calmness and serenity to her yoga classes from the moment it starts. She engages and supports you to keep your mind fully focused, creates a trusting environment and ensures she meets the needs of all her students. Love every class and would highly recommend her.

Anita, Australia