Karen’s ( Mahima) Story

I was introduced to yoga in 1998, however, it was 8 years later before I started to practise regularly. After my move from the UK to Australia I began to practise Yoga Synergy, which has deep influences in the Ashtanga and Iyengar systems of Yoga. After a couple of years I was looking to increase and deepen my practice further, and  it was my teacher who directed me to Satyananda Yoga.

What started as a form of exercise, turned into a way of life. It wasn’t long before I enrolled on the two-year Yogic studies and teacher training diploma in Satyananda Yoga, through what was then the Satyananda Yoga Academy in Australia.

Teaching yoga is a gift

I love sharing these incredible practices, they changed my life, not only impacting my health and wellbeing, but also my life decisions.

I have so much respect for the practices and the benefits they continuously give to people. When I teach a class, I believe I’m sharing the most incredible gift.  With yoga and meditation, you are continuously discovering and learning, I feels like I’ve only just touched the surface.

My style of teaching is an authentic system of yoga that draws from the traditional practices of Hatha Yoga and its philosophy. I try to teach a very rounded class that leaves students feeling nourished – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I like to focus on my students and how they are responding to the yoga postures, to ensure the class meets the individual needs of each student.

A balanced life

Having left a long career in corporate Marketing and running one of the oldest and most established Yoga Centre’s in Sydney, I now live a much more balanced lifestyle, following Ayurvedic principals and yogic philosophy.

I continue to work in a freelance capacity in marketing but I’m able to balance this with yoga teaching to create a balanced way of life.

I love to travel and immerse my senses in new places and cultures. My time is divided between Catalonia and Australia.  I also continue with my practice, annually attending meditation retreats and living in ashrams and yoga retreat centres in Australia, New Zealand and India.

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