Research studies have shown the positive effects a regular meditation practice can have on our health and wellbeing.  Meditation and mindfulness practices are proven to be an excellent tool for managing stress, anxiety and insomnia.

To experience the benefits a meditation practice can bring, it is very important to establish regularity of practice. Without regularity, the accumulation of these benefits can be lost if one only practises occasionally.

It’s much more beneficial to meditate five minutes a day than thirty minutes once a week.

The meditation practices we teach

There are many methods and techniques of meditation; seated meditations, walking meditations or chanting meditations. Meditation practices that have their origins in deep traditions from Buddhist to ancient Tantric philosophy.

All of them are valid, you could say it’s like choosing a different face to climb a mountain.

At Grassroots Yoga and Meditation, we focus on techniques that are introduced progressively to allow the practitioner to create strong foundations in their practice.

Each technique has a different focus or object of meditation, but all techniques move the practitioner towards the state of meditation.

When you attend a class, course or workshop with us, it is likely you will experience one or more of the following practices: 

  • Body stillness (Kaya Sthairyam)
  • Mantra Repetition (Japa)
  • Inner Silence (Antar Mouna)
  • Ajapa Japa (combination of mantra, breathing & visualization)
  • Trataka (Object gazing)
  • Breath Awareness (observation of breath)
  • Chakra, focusing on the energy points in the body, chakra qualities and their location.
Preparing the body for meditation

We believe that a regular meditation practice must be supported with other yoga practices. The preparation of the physical body, pranic (energy) and mind body through asana, pranayama and relaxation practices.

We are not able to meditate if we have not prepared our physical body to be able to sit securely for a duration time. We learn breathing techniques to calm and balance the overstimulated mind.  And to relax our Self physically, mentally and emotionally through deep relaxation practices like Yoga Nidra.

What to expect in a meditation class

In each meditation class with us, you can expect to experience:

  • Gentle postures to release physical tension in the body in preparation for sitting.
  • Pranayama (breathing practices) to balance the autonomic nervous system. To balance, calm and quieten the monkey mind before meditation.
  • A laying down, guided relaxation practice called Yoga Nidra. Through this practice you will learn how to relax the physical, mental and emotional body through activation of the relaxation response.
  • The class will conclude with the formal seated meditation practice.

Meditation practices can induce powerful experiences and should be introduced gradually. It is also advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified teacher when learning meditation.

At Grass Roots Yoga and Meditation we teach classes in English, Spanish and Catalan. We also offer online classes.

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  • Improve the ability to cope with stress and stressful situations

  • Increase the calmness of the mind

  • Improves the quality of sleep

  • Concentration levels improve as does memory

  • Develop a greater understanding and acceptance of Self and increase the ability to live life according to our true nature.