Lessons from Nature on Letting Go

Autumn is sometimes seen as a gloomy time. The summer is over, the leaves begin to turn and fall, and it means winter is on its way. But Ram and I are ready for this seasonal transition. We’re ready to let go and move from the intense heat of days and extraverted “Yang” energy of summer, too slowing daily life down a little and embracing this new season. I welcome with open arms the nourishing warming foods, the snug duvet, and the clear blue skies on sunny autumn days, all the things that I love about this time of year.

The Wisdom of Autumn Leaves.

I’ve noticed the trees and grape vines that were decked in bright greens are shifting to shades of amber and gold. It’s our annual reminder that change is not only inevitable but also beautiful. The leaves themselves are the most impressive teachers in lessons in letting go. As they release their grasp on sturdy branches and float with grace to the ground.

It’s a wisdom that extends into our own lives. I think we forget that we too are part of nature.

As the leaves flutter down to the earth, they remind us that sometimes the most profound growth arises from surrender and to have trust in the process of letting go. A leaf was once a vital part of the tree’s canopy, it had a vital role to play. To let go is not to diminish, but to evolve. Only when you let go do you create space for something new to grow.

The seasonal change is the perfect time to reflect on the attachments that you may be holding onto in your own life. Where can you let go? What can you release with the same grace and trust?

The Power of Non-Attachment in Yoga and Meditation

In the ancient teachings of yoga, our attachments are referred to as “Ahamkara,” the ego. It’s that part of ourselves that clings and identifies with various aspects of our life; be it a partner, our possessions or our position in community. The Yogis view attachment as a desire to control, to protect and hold onto the familiar.

Why do we seek this sense of security? Well, attachment provides comfort, control over the unpredictable. Yet, ironically, it’s this very attachment that leads to suffering when circumstances shift.

A research study showed that those deeply attached to life, to people, or possessions often carry weighty expectations for themselves and others. I’ve learned through my own experiences that having unmet high expectations, only leads to my own suffering. I’m the one who feels the pain and disappointment.

Letting go

Only when we remove our attachments do we remove suffering.

Non-attachment doesn’t imply a lack of care or feeling. It means moving through life without fixations, obsessions, or attachments to specific outcomes. It’s a resilient mindset that enables you to cope better with the difficult periods that life throws your way.

This practice isn’t limited to devoted meditators. The same research i quoted earlier highlights that those who’ve experienced transformative suffering often adopt non-attachment as a way of embracing life without attachment to what they cannot change.

Embracing Change

Autumn is a poignant time to reflect on the inevitability of change, especially as the season leads the way with its colourful display of transformation! The leaves of autumn are a good lesson that teaches us that we should not resist change. Instead of feelings of apprehension, fear of the unknown and clutching onto what is familiar. They move gracefully in the autumn winds and let go with ease and beauty.

Stepping out of your safe, comfortable space into the unknown can feel very scary. Perhaps you’re not moving forward with your life goals due to fear of failure. Most of what holds us back and stops us moving forward in life has its roots in the fear of the unknown.

Change is an inevitable part of our life journey. Trust the process. This new season teaches us that letting go is not a loss but a gateway to growth. In letting go, releasing our grip, we create space for new experiences, new relationships, and new beginnings.

letting go is self care

Nourishment in Releasing what no longer serves us.

When you release what no longer serves you be it a habit, a belief, or a relationship, you offer yourself the opportunity for renewal. Just as the fallen leaves replenish the soil, your act of release nurtures and plants the seeds in your own personal transformation.

Letting go of what no longer serves you is not an act of abandonment, rather an affirmation of self-care. A declaration that you too deserve to grow in nourishing soil, free from what ever in life is weighing you down.

So, as the leaves surrender to gravity, may you too surrender to the ebb and flow of life, trusting that release is an act of self-love.

Embracing change enables you to grow as a person, to experience new things and places, and to live a fulfilling life.  Importantly, it allows you to live life on your own terms. If you never try, how will you ever know? “There is a saying, it is better to try and fail than to never try at all.”

Through yoga and meditation, we cultivate the resilience to navigate life’s inevitable changes with grace and equanimity. May this autumn be a season of transformation, a season of embracing change, and a season of discovering the beauty in letting go.

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