How to soothe and maintain your energy levels to avoid burnout.

It’s important for you to know the importance of prioritising YOU and you’re wellbeing.  Never underestimate the value of scheduling time in your day and week to recharge, to soothe and maintain your energy levels. So that you can maintain your balance in life and avoid burnout.

Having experienced burnout, myself, you could say I learned to look after my health and wellbeing the hard way!

If you’re new to our community, you may not know, that I’m an ex-corporate girl who left her successful yet stressful 9-5 career in search of a balanced, more meaningful life. These days I spend my week freelancing part-time for ethical, more conscious businesses within the health and wellness industry. But my heart and soul is in teaching and sharing the traditional practices of yoga and meditation to people who like I did, experience overwhelm, have a busy mind and experience poor quality sleep. Those who are seeking more balance in their life.

Whilst I may not have the same financial comforts that my previous corporate career enabled me to have, but I’ve never been happier than I am right now. I have balance in my life, for me, that is everything.

PODCAST: My thoughts on how to prioritise your personal wellbeing.

I was recently asked to appear on the newly launched Kokoon podcast, from Dharana Digital.  To share with their audience to share my advice on how to navigate the wellness space. Plus a few tips on how to recharge, soothe and maintain your own energy levels.

I also a little of my journey from working in the corporate world to becoming a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

This was a whole new ‘thing’ for me to appear on a podcast.  I have to admit I was a little nervous. However, I really enjoyed talking with Dr Karen Sutherland about how important it is to take care of your wellbeing and find time to recharge your batteries, and prioritise your own wellness needs.

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how to soothe and maintain energy levels

I am always happy to share my story. Particularly if it helps to support you on your own journey to bringing more balance into your life. During the recording we discuss very real issues that affect people who are managing work and a busy home life.

I share the key practices that have supported me over the last 10 years. If you’ve been reading Grassroots Yoga and Meditation blogs for a while. Or following us on Instagram, you will know Yoga Nidra features in this list!

I hope you enjoy watching this interview.

If you prefer to listen, you can also find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.

In the episode, I’ll share will you:

How my journey began from working in the corporate world to be a Yoga and meditation teacher and the co-founder of Grassroots Yoga and Meditation. Including the struggles with my own wellbeing and experiencing burnout.

[6.05] How I maintain and prioritise my energy levels. I’ve learnt throughout my career the importance of managing my energy levels and maintaining balance in my life.  Including prioritising sleep, diet, movement, and meditation. Plus, the important boundaries I’ve established in my week to manage my own energy and wellbeing.

[9.20] How I soothe myself after a busy or highly emotional, psychological intense period of work.

[12.18] The fundamental things I wish I’d known to maintain my own wellness at the beginning of my career as a yoga and meditation teacher. These points are relevant to everyone, if you’re a parent, work in a stressful job, whatever it is. You cannot take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself.

[13.20] My recommendations for navigating social media to maintain my own wellness. It’s so easy to be drawn into social media and reach for the phone as soon as you wake up. It’s so important to set clear boundaries.

[15.33] What I love about teaching yoga and meditation and seeing the transformation the yoga and meditation has with our clients.

[20.20] Our key goals for the remainder of 2022. Including our Summer teaching schedule and an exciting new meditation course to be launched in September.

[21.28] My advice to others to avoid burnout.

By viewing and listening to this podcast episode I hope that you’ll be able to take away some inspiration and tools to support you in managing your own wellbeing.

About Grassroots Yoga and Meditation

Together with my partner Ram, we created Grassroots Yoga and Meditation, so that we could share with you, our lovely community, the fundamental practices of yoga. We see Yoga as a practice beyond the yoga mat. Yoga is a lifestyle that looks at the whole individual. From movement to diet, to sleep and mental wellbeing.

In this crazy, fast paced world in which we live, it’s not uncommon to be living with overwhelm, constant mind chatter, poor sleep and feeling disconnected.

A class, course, or workshop with us will include practices that stretch and strengthen you physically. But importantly, there will also be breathwork and meditation to still your mind and emotions. So that you feel calm, connected, and happy. Inspired to live a balanced life.