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Discover calm in the chaos of modern life. 

At Grassroots Yoga and Meditation, we blend ancient wisdom with modern lifestyle techniques to offer practical wellness solutions for busy lives. Our authentic yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic practices are tailored to fit seamlessly into your day, helping you find calm, manage stress, and quieten your busy mind.

Experience the power of timeless traditions adapted for today’s world, guiding you towards living a balanced life. 


Ancient wisdom for modern living.

When you’re constantly juggling the demands of a busy home and work life, we offer you a safe, caring, and nurturing environment, to deeply relax and reconnect with the real you.

We’ll teach you awareness and mindfulness-based meditation and mindful movement that will balance you emotionally and strengthen and still your busy mind. Practices to give you more clarity and help you stay present when you are dealing with the demands of modern life.


mindful practices for busy minds

Hello! We’re so happy you’re here!

Our purpose is to make the practices of traditional yoga, including pranayama breathwork, meditation and mindfulness, easily accessible for real people, just like you!

With their roots in ancient traditions, we’ll share practices and lifestyle techniques that transformed our lives and continue to support our wellbeing and journey to living a balanced life.  

More than just poses on the mat, Yoga is a lifestyle that looks at the whole you; movement, diet, sleep, and mental wellbeing.

You’ll find us teaching ONLINE and in person in Altafulla, Reus and the province of Tarragona, Spain. 


See where we are currently teaching and join one of our in-person yoga and meditation classes.


Develop techniques to reduce stress symptoms, release tension & improve the quality of your sleep.


Step away from the demands of your busy week. Prioritise time for you to connect back in with yourself.

Free Yoga Nidra

Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that will leave you feeling calm and deeply relaxed in just 20 minutes?

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Free Yoga Nidra

Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that will leave you feeling calm

and deeply relaxed in just 20 minutes?

What others are saying

I had a great yoga summer with Ram and Mahima with some fantastic classes in many yoga styles. The wonderful thing here is that everybody, from beginner to advanced can find the right level of practice. Ram and Mahima, you are really great, you made my yoga summer! Thank you very much!

Giorgio, Italy

Grassroots Yoga classes offer a blend of traditional and modern yoga catering for our busy lifestyles.  I found Ram and Karen to be very friendly and helpful, they both have a thorough knowledge of yoga and are often found in India upgrading their skills!

They deliver guided instruction in a safe and caring environment, what I like most and what makes their classes stand out is the addition of pranayama (breath work) and some form of gentle meditation which leaves you feeling grounded, restored and relaxed .

Classes are not only great for beginners but can be as advanced as you care to make , as many alternative poses are given. So basically, a wonderful class for any level or mood you are feeling – totally recommend their classes.

Tina, Australia

Mahima quickly became one of my favourite yoga teachers because of her nurturing voice and her dynamic, creative yoga sequences.  She creates such an open and warm space for me to really go deep into my personal experience. The way she instructs each posture is so clear I can completely surrender and feel so held. I like that she focuses on the core because when I leave her classes I not only feel super relaxed, but really strong and grounded in the centre of my being. She really lives, breaths and embodies the essence of yoga — love.”

Devpriya , New Zealand



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